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Electric Vehicles

An EV For Every Need

Our electric vehicle lineup is ready to keep you moving forward, no matter what your business may need.

Zero Tailpipe Emission Lineup

GM offers an innovative portfolio of electric fleet vehicles to fit your needs. EV vehicles are in-stock and more are coming soon!

Vast Charging Network

GM Envolve connects you to 55,000+ existing charging stations, giving about 15—100 miles of driving range in about 10 minutes of charging.*

Request A Quote

If you have a vehicle in mind that might fit your needs, we can provide you with their best-selling price on that vehicle. We can help find a vehicle that fits your needs.

*Actual charge times will vary based on battery starting state of charge, battery condition, output of charger, vehicle settings and outside temperature.


Chevrolet Silverado EV WT

The groundbreaking All-Electric Chevrolet Silverado Work Truck, the first of its kind, is ready to electrify businesses and bring the power of Ultium to the job site.

Silverado EV
Preproduction model shown throughout. Actual model may vary. Available starting fall 2023.

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Individuals, businesses, and tax-exempt organizations purchasing qualifying electric vehicles may qualify for a federal income tax credit through either the Clean Vehicle or Commercial Clean Vehicle program. The credit can reach up to $7,500* for vehicles deployed in a trade or business during the 2023 tax year.iness in the year 2023.

The Backbone of an EV Future

Ultium is a single modular platform that is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles. This versatility allows GM to manufacture energy-dense battery packs on a large scale. The platform’s architecture ensures nearly equal front-to-rear weight distribution, contributing to a lower center of gravity and delivering a sporty and responsive driving experience. Additionally, the Ultium EV platform comes with an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty*.

Stimulated EV battery
*Whichever comes first. See dealer for limited warranty details.
EV Readiness

EV Readiness

GM is helping to shorten the learning curve with specialized training and tools for businesses making the switch to an electric fleet.

EV Live with GM

GM’s team of specialists is prepared to answer any inquiries you may have regarding transitioning to electric vehicles. Feel free to inquire.

*Must be over 18 years old and a resident of the United States to enter the EV LIVE experience.


Introducing the New Connected Plan

Enhance your fleet with the latest Connected Plan from OnStar Vehicle Insights* as you shift to electric. Included as a standard feature in most 2024 GM vehicles, this plan provides electric vehicle functionalities such as charging status, route planning, charge reimbursement, and more. Utilize these features to optimize your fleet management.